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Seventeen-year-old Alexa enters a strange tunnel on a nameless road; and her life changes forever. She is sent to the future, where the earth is ravaged by mutated animals and ruled by the Others: monsters that were once human.

Before a mutated dog tears her to shreds, she is rescued and taken to Shelter, where the few human survivors remain.

There, she meets two warrior brothers, Micah and Tane. Micah is warm-hearted and flirtatious, while his brother is mysterious and guarded. Despite her better judgment, Alexa is drawn to the dangerous Tane, but she has bigger problems than unrequited emotion.

Soon, she questions how she ended up in the future. Why did the tunnel choose her, and why are the people of Shelter so welcoming? Tane is entrusted with her protection, but even more questions arise as Alexa begins to suspect the Others are out to get her. Alexa could hold the power to save the human race, but first, she must make a devastating chose that will alter the fate of the world.

The mystical winged people of Israa are peaceful beings, but that’s all about to change.
When an army of vicious humans invade their land, Affiza, the sorceress and leader of the Israani people, takes matters into her own hands. Before her brutal murder, she speaks of her prophecy for revenge. She foretells the coming of the Dreamer—the one who will unleash the Israani’s wrath and free them from human threat once and for all.

Seventy-five years have passed and the prophecy has seemingly been forgotten. But the fate of the Israani is as precarious as ever. A mysterious illness has overtaken the remaining tribe, threatening its survival. In her search for answers, seventeen-year-old Caexia undertakes a journey that leads her to Syrus, a human whose charm quickly enraptures her. Their forbidden union results in an unexpected pregnancy. But Syrus’ abandoned wife has also given birth to a child…

Aliana may be human, but within her resides a power that can bring about unimaginable destruction. Her power has been lying dormant… until now.
On the children’s sixteenth birthdays, the chains in the prophecy’s link will connect, and nothing will ever be the same. Fathers will betray children. Siblings will rise against each other. And a young girl who doesn’t fit in will discover a gift capable of setting the entire world on fire.